Select which map pack you prefer

How to install? See
Custom Map Installation @

Install the same as you did the 1.9.5 maps, except the folder in the instructions in \updates\ is changed to 1_9_6.

There Are Four Options Now!

2 Map Types

Simple version - A new Watercolor-type design map.

Detailed version - An exact replica of the map (like the BurnedMaps for 1.9.5 and earlier)

2 Text types (for each of the 2 map types = 4 options)

Minimal - Only the most important things, such as exits and storages, have text markings of what they are.

Maximum - Every non-secret has a text indicator of what it is.

How to Choose?

Decide which map type design you prefer (simple or detailed), and then whether you want a lot of text markup or not (min or max).

Download your preference below.

Sedicolis Simple Min

Simple Minimal

NOTICE! These are the ones that are included in the 1.9.6 client! If you want these, simply use your client as it is.

Should the unoff maps be updated, I'll post updates of the simple minimal versions here as well.

Sedicolis Simple Max

Simple Maximum

Same as the ones included in the 1.9.6 client, but with detailed text of insides and NPCs and such.

Download 1.9.6-01 Simple Max Version

Sedicolis Detailed Min

Detailed Minimal

Exactly detailed version of the map, with only the minimally needed text.

Download 1.9.6-01 Detailed Min Version

Sedicolis Detailed Max

Detailed Maximum

Exactly detailed version of the map, with all insides, NPCs, and so on given textual marking.

Download 1.9.6-01 Detailed Max Version

1.9.6-01 Change Log

  • Updated maps to include new locations and changes made with the 1.9.6 client
  • "simple" watercolor-style optional versions of maps created. Minimal version is included in the 1.9.6 client
  • Improved marks and text, and general legibility
  • Re-added dream_temple map (now in use in the game as the Newbie Dream Temple)
  • Changed text marking of many exits/buildings (noticeable almost exclusively on the fully marked "max" versions)
  • old maps were apparently off mark by about 1 tile due to coding error. Fixed in this release. (Thanks to Learner for help with the code fix.)
  • old maps set all "wet" tiles as blue water. Now swamp water, sewer water and such shows in its correct color

The not-so-frequently FAQ

What are these maps?
These are unofficial tab maps for the game Eternal Lands.
How do I use them?
You install them. See's installation instructions.
What are all the letters or numbers on the Max maps?
On Maximum text maps, entrances to various buildings have a letter or number next to their dot or star. These indicate the building as it is shown on the applicable "insides" map. An A at a door on a primary map, for example, will be the door to the insides marked "A" on the insides map.
Go in a building marked with a letter, then when inside look at the tab map. You'll see you're in the building next to that letter.
Should I use the minimal or maximum text?
If you have to ask, use the Max maps. These are very extensively detailed. If you later find you don't need or want all that information, you can switch to the minimal pack.
How do I know which maps I have installed?
Compare the Sedicolis map in your client with the images shown above.
I see an inside place on one of your maps, but it doesn't show how to get into it. Is this an error?
No. As you probably know, EL has many secret places and paths. Those paths, and how to enter those places, are not provided on BurnedMaps. It's up to you to find the entrance.
The maps are thoroughly checked, but if you do stumble on a place where the entrance isn't marked that is definitely not secret, contact Burn.
But Note: if a place is shown on these maps, you can definitely access it. Somehow.
Are there places we can go to not shown on BurnedMaps?
As a regular player, no. My BurnedMaps cover every possible place you can go as a player as of the date of their release.
The other maps you may see elm files for in your client are not part of the game. They're maps for testing, or moderator usage, or simply just weren't finished or implemented.
Why is there no markings on the guild maps?
Guild maps are secrets, simply put. The very basic map was provided solely for mapwalking, but nothing else will be provided.